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Europa specialises in the creation, design and delivery of innovative training and management development programmes that transform business performance.
Our programmes are bottom-line driven, linking the development of people to the strategic targets set for the business and are tailored to focus investment on developing managers who can improve business performance and get the results required.

We span across the whole organisation, working with directors, managers and staff, working with individuals, small groups or large numbers.

Where appropriate, we bring together specialist partners to fulfil the exact requirements of our clients, adding value by orchestrating these resources, innovating where needed and designing programmes that have high participant engagement and result in sustainable learning.

We work in the UK, Europe, USA and SE Asia in:

Automotive Components Manufacture

Social Housing

Metal Manufacturing

Local Government

Electrical Engineering

Legal Services

Construction Engineering

Business Services

We have created an effective approach to partnering with our client’s development teams to design, develop and deliver programmes for boards of directors, senior managers and middle managers.

We also recognise the vital importance of enabling our client’s people to develop their effectiveness, increase job satisfaction and achieve their personal potential. Where needed, our programmes lead to accredited qualifications such as Certificate, Diploma and Masters in Management.

Our success is built on an approach that includes:

  • Close research of training needs by consultation with clients
  • Design innovation, applying leading edge learning methodologies
  • Providing training resources from the best available and most suitable sources
  • Creating learning paths and progression routes that allow participants flexibility and choice in the intensity and in the scope of their learning
  • Design approaches that respond to the mix of learning styles and development preferences found in the participant groups
  • The use of psychometric instruments and assessment tools as appropriate
  • Where appropriate, providing structured routes to accredited qualifications, from Certificate level to MBA level in management
  • Master classes for advanced learners
  • Action Learning – using Europa’s Learning Model
  • Creation of -  “Manager Practitioners”  - the organisation’s own senior managers who have knowledge of their function and together with Europa can deliver this to their colleagues
  • Secondments/Attachments
  • The use of PLATO , Europa’s web-based learning support including providing full-service organisation and administrative support
  • Close support of participants by providing coaching and mentoring
  • Systematic and adaptive continuous improvement in liaison with client development managers
  • Participation in partnership and framework agreements that allow our clients to combine the best possible providers to meet their specific needs

This web site contains examples of generic programmes. In every case, we start by understanding our clients’ needs and then producing a programme that fits exactly.

Please contact us for an unbiased and no-obligation discussion of your needs.